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Each of us has a puzzle piece that must be used to complete the picture.

Prior to 1997, I worked for my parents restaurant before going on to work in the clerical field. Although I had great life experiences and exposure, I often felt dis-placed, unconnected and unfulfilled. I also felt an unexplainable and intense connection with nature and the Native American culture (interestingly, my entire life, I've been asked if I'm native and have always been called Pocahontas).

In 1997, I was offered the opportunity to work for the family health food store (Nature's Very Best) for a change of scenery and to see if I had any interest. Well, from the first day I tried it, I LOVED IT!!! It was in divine order, as instantaneously things in my life began to unfold in the most beautiful, unbelievably spiritual and synchronistic way. Something about that store, be it location or whatever, is extremely special and sacred.  Being spiritually "guided" or given what to say to customers or what to do, I soon realized this became a ministry for me. My love and passion for health and healing was always reflective in my dealings with my customers. I'd earned the trust of my customers because of my resourcefulness (referencing books, computer, etc.), sincere interest and time that was given to each person by intentionally hearing their concerns and assisting them in finding solutions to resolve their own mental, spiritual or physical issues. 

Being inquisitive about my lineage, a series of events began to take place within the first month which took me to Vermont to a "Gathering of the Cherokee Elders". At this event, I unknowingly camped beside their Sacred Herb Garden which was pointed out to me by the women who were chosen to be the caretakers of it. Later that day they took me through the garden showing me the different herbs. I was blown away at how quickly the universe seemed to confirm that being around the herbs was right for me.  

After that I became increasingly fascinated with how a multitude of things were connected. I realized the universe is a puzzle and everything (planets, people, animals, elements, etc.) is a crucial piece of that puzzle. When a piece (person, place or thing) is missing (not in harmony/dis-eased) the universe is affected; a ripple effect occurs which other imbalances occur. As my puzzle piece, I am here to be ​a healer, visionary, researcher & educator

In September 2000, the idea for a Global Healing Center was inspired. Shortly after, in a dream, the name was divinely given.

Thus, H.E.A.L. U.S. All. was born! 

Since 2010, after leaving the health food industry, my passion for helping people had not diminished. After seeking the right format for HEAL US ALL, which has changed several times, the idea of a blog/website finally revealed itself as the perfect solution for me to express myself.

I will write about health related things and many other things that interest me such as traveling, Sacred Geometry, Metaphysics, Architecture, Education, poetry, sometimes controversial thoughts/opinions, "curious wonderings about our society" and much more!!   

However, I am challenging you to think out of the box by using your own mind & be ​your own individual. Believe in yourself and your experiences as everyone's contribution, journey and truth is different. If the Universe, Higher Power, GOD (whatever term you embrace) speaks to you or shows you something believe it because it is building your "KNOW THYSELF" portfolio.

I also ask that you keep an open mind to things that seem to be presented differently than what you may be used to, such as cultural differences, upbringing, religious differences, terminology (po-TA-toe / po-TOT-toe), etc. I have witnessed people often miss the opportunity to communicate effectively due to this. Therefore, please don't just listen and judge, dialogue until you both are sure you understand each other AND agree to disagree.

I am passionate about H.E.A.L. U.S. All., and I truly believe it will be relayed back to my readers through the innovative and exciting content that I post.

I invite you to seek, peek & speak with me as I continue on my journey inserting my puzzle piece.

What part will you play to collectively H.E.A.L. U.S.?  

Where does your piece fit?


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