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I, over my lifetime, have traveled quite extensively covering almost all 50 states, several places in Canada, Africa (twice), Central and South America (twice). Every destination has played it's part and left an indelible mark on me. 

Traveling has been a blessing to me as it has opened my eyes to things that I wouldn't otherwise be aware. It made me appreciate who I am and who I'm not. It gave me a new found respect for other cultures and helped to accept or disregard rumors and/or negative historical accounts. After some initial culture shocks, it becomes easier to embrace differences, people and how other parts of the world live (ie. dirt vs. concrete).

The drawing above, reflects who I believe I am, places I've traveled (in order of travel/experience) & the cultures I identify with the most personally, spiritually and historically.

The entries below, reflect some facets of my "identity" and the story behind each one. Interesting to note that the common threads between them all are corresponding visions, the big cat (Panther, Jaguar or Lion), Tepee (Conical Pyramid) and Pyramids.



Creator, Researcher, Visionary, Educator, Humanitarian & Healer

I, Sheila, mother of 3 incredible children and grandmother, bring my talents, passion, intellect, delightful, adventurous, open personality and relevant experiences to the table.

I love working hard to compile unique and helpful information that might not be available to the average person (all based on research and personal experience(s).


My Native / North American Identity

Since elementary school, I've been called Pocahontas or asked if I was a Native American. Due to the frequency of being questioned about my hair, moles, cheek bones and skin color, as a young child I became interested in my lineage.

As a child, I was intensely drawn to ANY exposure to the natives (movies, pictures, parades, etc.). As the years progressed I found my connection get stronger (getting emotional looking at native photos, listening to their music, feeling connections to their dance, smelling hair burning [when it wasn't], smelling coffee brewing [when it wasn't], hearing electrical surges, having visions of myself as a native american female shape-shifting into a huge cat [lion/panther/jaguar]), etc.

As an adult I was spiritually guided to work with the herbs, hosted sweat lodges at my home and periodically attend pow-wows. Do you receive any spiritual clues??



My Egyptian / African Identity

This name represents/parallels my current reality and past history.

- My children's father (Ptah) is gifted at building and home repair which he began to teach our son at 2-3 yrs. old. At that age he knew every tool in a toolbox and knew how to use them. This prompted a family member (Ma'at) to call him "Imhotep" (I had no knowledge of Imhotep). I also have a book with Imhotep's silhouette on the cover which was comically yet eerily similar to my sons physique, at the time.

- Some time later, I referenced a book regarding a specific fast I wanted to partake in. Within this book was a list of Egyptian deities and their attributes. As I read, there were 3 that strongly resonated with me: 


- Means, vital force

 - being a consort to Ptah

- being the "mother" of Imhotep

- Consort/Sister of Ma'at

- defender of the divine order

- "Lion" headed Goddess; patron of healers

- A powerful goddess against all forces of evil


- Means , secret

- Patroness of writing, math, records & architecture

- Celestial librarian & "Lady of Books"

- Represented with a "Panther/Leopard-Skin" covering her dress

- Assisted with identifying locations for temples to be built


- Means, sacred "Lotus"

- Egyptian lotus god of healing 

- "Lion-headed deity wearing a headdress with a lotus flower

- Highest ascension & unlimited potential 

- Guardian of all sacred oils

- Represents divinity, purity and spiritual illumination


My Mayan / Central & South American Identity

My name, Q'Anil Lamat, was ceremonially given to my by a Mayan Jaguar Priest.

Q'Anil = life and creation. Lamat = fertility & new beginnings.

Visiting Central & South America on pilgrimage was very exciting. There are numerous sacred sites that have extremely powerful energy such as Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, The Nazca Lines including The Paracas Candelabra, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Tulum, Lake Titicaca, Ica (Ica Stones), Moray, and much much more!!!

I witnessed the intricacy of details on/in the different stone formations and temples which remain unexplainable. Being taken by a small, still primitive, boat to an island of more ruins, we were welcomed by some of the inhabitants. After we  smudged and proceeded to sing and "OM", we were greeted with the purrs and roars of the mighty majestic Jaguar. It literally responded every time we would sing; so cool. 

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