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God I Need to be a Winner

God, I need to be a winner,

not for me, but for you.

People are watching and I am

the example they will follow.

God I need to be a winner, to show someone else the way.

I can touch more lives by being a success,

So I need to succeed today.

God I need to be a winner,

And I will do my share.

But knowing that all things are good come from you

I need to know you're there.

God I need to be a winner,

Everyday you give me life.

And with your leadership and your Strength,

I know I can succeed, in my business,

And in my personal life.

And God, when you help me win,

And I stand to tell my story,

I'll always remember to give unto you,

The Praise,

The Honor and

The Glory!!!

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