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  • Evelyn M. Bingham


From Light, Through Light, To Light

Would anyone remember you

If you were suddenly snatched from the Earth?

What would you have left behind?

What contributions or remnants of your worth.

We're placed here for more than just postering

Or taking up space, in the attempt of looking good.

We all have God given assignments

And we must perform them as we should.

First, give yourself to others in service

As fully as you dare.

Then, stand back and reap the rewards

As the recipients, give back in love, showing that they care.

We're each programmed to exemplify

The presence and magnitude of Gods love.

So let the best there is in you, fly swiftly to others,

As though on the peaceful wings of a dove.

It doesn't really matter when you were born

Any month from January through December.

What does matter, is how you have loved, and what you have done for others.

Then, people will know you, by your good works---that's what they'll remember!

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